ByoWave’s Exciting New Adaptable Proteus Video Game Controller

The Proteus Controller from Byowave is a fully customizable video game controller kit that comes with everything you’ll need to build your own controller in whatever configuration you like.

It includes everything you’ll require to build your own controller straight out of the box, plus you may add extra pieces to improve your gameplay.

This product is suitable for persons with and without disabilities, making it great for anyone wishing to improve their gaming experience.

Designed for disabled gamers!

ByoWave has ensured that disabled gamers have had a say in every step of the Proteus Controller journey, and the controller has indeed been tested with disabled gamers with a variety of disabilities all over the world to ensure an accessible video game controller solution.

Although it was developed for disabled gamers, it is also suitable for non-disabled people, making it ideal for anyone who experiences discomfort or pain while using controllers or those who simply would like to improve their gaming experience.

The Proteus Controller’s main focus is on:

Performance, Customization and Accessibility. Here at ByoWave, we value comfort, so let’s take a look at the individual parts included in the kit.

First and foremost, the Mother Cube (x2 included in each kit)

The Mother Cube is the brain of the controller. It contains all of the electronics required to power and connect the controller. The Mother Cubes can communicate wirelessly with one another! As a result, you can divide your controller and use different body parts at the same time!

At least one Mother cube is required for each configuration.

Next up The Analog Cube (x2 included in each kit)

The Analog cube connects to the Mother Cube and has one analog stick. The Analog sticks are used for aiming, moving, looking around, etc. There are two needed per controller.

The Spacer (x2 included in each kit)

The Spacer allows you to space out your cubes and peripherals, but it is entirely optional as it is not required for the controller to function.

Edge cube (x2 included in each kit)

The Edge Cubes allows you to angle cubes and peripherals

Plugs (x9 included in each kit)

For improved ergonomics, plugs are used to cover the female faces of the Cubes.

5/4 button peripheral (x1 of each included in each kit)

The Sync Button on the 5 Button peripheral is required to configure your controller configuration. The XYAB buttons are standard controls for most games.

The 2 Button peripheral (x2 included in each kit)

Used as triggers, for sprinting/accelerating or whatever buttons you like

Large A button (x2 in each kit)

We understand that mobility is important, so the A Button is a larger button that can be mapped to any button for easy selection.

Handles (x2 included in each kit )

Handles can be attached to your controller to improve ergonomics, and they are not required for the controller to function.

Build, Rebuild and Build some more!

You can build and rebuild your Proteus controller in whatever configuration you want, if you don’t like the feel of one combination..… change it. The kit performs correspondingly to Lego, so your gaming experience will always be in your hands!

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